Women Write About Comics started out as an ongoing blog carnival about women and comics. It quickly expanded to to include interviews, reviews, and features. Today WWAC hosts a podcast, a vodcast, an industry column, and even gives advice. Our beat is the women (and other great folks) who read, make, publish, and sell comics. And also the comics themselves, obviously.

Pitches and Guest Posts
Do you have a great idea for a WWAC article? An essay or review we’d be interested in running? 

The ideal WWAC essay or substantive review is about 1500-2000 words long, and has a clear voice and thesis. Reviews should address art and writing, and should situate the work in the wider comics culture. (What genre is it? What tradition?) While we do publish negative reviews, we aren’t interested in grudges or hatchet jobs. 

Do you have a great webcomic we should be covering? A touring author we should talk to? 

There’s so much great content coming out every month, and so many cool comics events going down, that we can’t keep up with them! We absolutely welcome story pitches from creators, retailers, and publicists. 

Staff Positions 

WWAC is currently seeking news and features writers. The ideal candidate is an experienced, feminist writer, with a variety of interests beyond comics. You can find more information about what we’re looking for here.


Editor – Megan Purdy.
Assistant Editor – Claire Napier.


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