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Megan Purdy–Editor


Megan is a freelance writer and blogger. She did her BA in English and political science at York University and is currently studying publishing at Ryerson University in Toronto. She reviews comic stores, comics and TV, and gives dubious advice upon request. She likes pie, space vampires, science and the artwork of Gustav Klimt.

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Claire Napier–Assistant Editor



Claire is a comicker and archery coaching retail volunteer on a blue and white motorcycle. Bit of an all-trader. She’s a semi-frequent guest on’s unKamenCast-RX and has a lot of important opinions about stoicism and detective stories. Likes chatty clothing, bands that sing about monsters, and growing vegetables. She used to do a comic about dick jokes but things got hard.

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Kayleigh Hearn–Assistant Editor

Kayleigh Hearn received a BA in Creative Writing at Christopher Newport University. She likes B-movies, fictional redheads, and Excalibur #91 (the one where the team goes to a pub and gets plastered). She dislikes writing her own bio. Her favorite color is green.



Kathleen Zorzella–Copyeditor


Kathleen is a publishing student, theatre kid, and TV enthusiast. She can usually be found somewhere with access to books, good coffee, and a computer with internet. Things she enjoys include obscure facts, interesting words, awful puns, vintage fashion, Shakespeare, food, free things, (free food), writing, travel, and list-making.



Megan Byrd–Industry Columnist


Megan is a Chicago based professional photographer by day and a comic book blogger by nights and weekends at As a former comic book retail employee, Megan writes about the industry with an insider perspective but having been a fan far longer than a purveyor of floppies, she is not nearly as bitter as those brave souls still standing behind the counter. Megan also moderates a monthly Ladies’ Night event at Graham Crackers Comics in downtown Chicago, and will be an editor of an upcoming Ladies’ Night anthology collection due for release in 2013.

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Kelly Kanayama


Kelly was born and raised in Honolulu but now lives in the UK, where she works as a performance storyteller and reads comics too often. She also has an MA with Distinction in Creative Writing, and is currently developing poetry and storytelling work inspired by comics. Her areas of interest include portrayals of minorities (especially Asian women), British authors writing about America, and Batman.

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Ashley Schmuecker


Ashley just finished graduate school with a degree in conflict resolution. She has made it her mission to fuse peace studies, feminist praxis, and popular culture together with quirk and style. She works in the education and non-profit sector and in her spare time enjoys all things sci-fi, fantasy, superhero and cat-related. When she isn’t writing here or on her blog Geek Your Peace, she is frantically applying for PhD programs at the University of Minnesota.



Kristi McDowell


Comics, cats, and (red velvet) cakes enthusiast. What she lacks in social skills she makes up for with pop culture trivia. When she’s not writing her wildly popular blog, Pop Culture Sushi, she’s editing the independent ongoing series Autumn Grey and working on her own mini-series, debuting this fall. She may also, instead, be playing more Fallout 3 than is frankly acceptable. She’s played in a rock band, worked in a comic book shop, and knows enough karate to fight crime – if only she could settle on a theme that goes with pink. No flamingos.That is to say, she has a tenuous grasp of reality and the audacity to think that someone actually cares about what she has to say.

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Leslie J. Anderson


Leslie was born and raised in Michigan. She spent a lot of her time falling off ponies and out of trees. She received a BA in Writing from Michigan State University and an MA in Writing from Ohio University. Her writing and art has appeared in Asimov’s, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Daily Science Fiction, and the International Journal of Comics Art. She obsessively consumes video games, comic books, speculative novels, and espresso. Her collection of poetry is forthcoming from Alliteration Ink.



Jamie Kingston


Jamie Kingston is a Native New Yorker, enduring a transplant to Atlanta. She’s a lifelong comic fan, having started at age 13 and never looked back, developing a decade-spanning collection and the need to call out the creators when she expects better of them. Her devotion extends to television, films, and books as well as the rare cosplay. She sates her need to create in a number of ways including being an active editor on the TV Tropes website, creating art and fanart, and working on her randomly updating autobiographical webcomic, Orchid Coloured Glasses. Being a woman of color, she likes to focus on diversity issues in the media.



Maddy Beaupré


Maddy is an illustrator from Toronto with a passion for comics. Her interests include art, politics, feminism, the environment, superheroes, period dramas, and marine animals. Her favourite sci-fi subject matters are time travel, dinosaurs, and apes from outer space.

Portraits by Maddy Beaupré

4 responses to “CONTRIBUTORS

  1. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who contributes. My interest in comics is continually growing and I am broadening and questioning my understanding of how women portray, are portrayed and wish to be portrayed in the world of comics.

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  3. Hello Ladies,

    My name is Damon Smith of Khamicom and recently we began working on a comic book series to promote a positive movement in response to the astounding number of bullying induced suicides(bullycide) worldwide.

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    Our goals for this project are to:

    1) Create a movement that encourages bullying victims to think of alternative ways to handle
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    Thank you so much for your time!

    Have a great week!

    -Damon K. Smith

    I invite you to connect with us online: (The official internet Mind Over Bullies blog – iMOBb)

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