Fail Better

Megan Purdy

Fail Better is a monthly advice column. Ask Megan how to fail better, and she’ll try to steer you in the right direction. Emphasis on try.

Back issues.


Claire Napier

WWACRadio is a monthly interview podcast. Running between 30 and 50 minutes, Claire talks to creators and consumers about comics & cartooning, what things mean and how they feel. One interview per show, occasionally with multiple interviewees. Musical interludes, intros and outros.

Past episodes.

Improbable Cause

Kathleen Zorzella and Megan Purdy

Improbable Cause is a monthly TV review vodcast. Kathleen and Megan talk genre TV tropes, history, and production values. Teen Wolf, Orphan Black, Scandal, Veep, and things of that nature.

Past episodes.

Sell It Like It Is: The Business Side of Comics

Megan Byrd

A long time comic store employee, Megan explores the business side of comics. From retailing, to organizing conventions, to industry gossip, Sell It Like It Is has you covered.


Back issues.


An irregular column dedicated to your local comic book, used book, or big book store. We review stores from the customer’s perspective, and examine retailer issues such as accessibility, community outreach, shelf space, and the crowding out of brick and morter in the face of internet shopping.

Back issues.


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