Comics Toon N’ Toys

PHONE NUMBER: 714-730-2117
ADDRESS: 13542 Newport Avenue, Tustin, California 92780

On my lifelong quest to visit every comic book shop in the world, I made a special trip through SoCal traffic to visit Comics Toons N’ Toys. Taking up two store fronts, the shop offers a wide range of scintillating comics swag. A quick scan of the store turned up a wide variety of manga (which takes up an entire wall), Dōmo-kun Batman key chains, superhero themed glassware, back issues of The Comics Journal, Little Golden Book versions of Spider-Man, sweatshirts, posters, and more.



While my personal favo(u)rite, Archie and his assorted marital adventures, was located a little close to the floor for my tastes (under the Little Golden Book Spider-Man), the store was full to overflowing with superhero comics, manga, indie comics, graphic novels, anthologies, and the promised “toys,” with boxes of merchandise piled on top of every level display case surface (Sunday seems to be re-stocking day!).

To demonstrate the range of comics available for purchase, I picked up Moominvalley Turns Jungle by Tove Jansson (a cute animal story labeled “juvenile fiction”) and Strugglers by Tim Fish (an indie band / coming out / coming of age story set in St. Louis and labeled “16+”) in the bargain bin.

I’ll definitely be making a return visit to check out the assorted issues of The Comics Journal. It was great to see various ages and genders represented in the shop, and I was amused to hear both Smashmouth and Kimya Dawson on the store speakers (though the latter elicited a “what the h*ll is this?!” from another patron).

Open seven days a week with a sizeable array of merchandise, reasonable prices, and a store layout that’s amenable to poking around and discovering treasures amidst the boxes, it’s no wonder that Comics Toons N’ Toys won the designation of Orange County’s Best Comic-Book Store in 2010.


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