Scott Lobdell admits to harassing MariNaomi and apologizes

Yesterday afternoon, xoJane published an account of convention harassment by cartoonist MariNaomi. The extra fun twist? It happened while she was working. While she was on a panel. In front of an audience.

After a very long hour, the panel is over. It went pretty well, despite DB, what with lively conversation and a talented moderator. I introduce my husband to my fellow panelists, and DB’s eyes grow wide and he balks.

DB then proceeds to sheepishly APOLOGIZE TO MY HUSBAND for how he behaved toward me, as if I’m a piece of property. What the hell? Where is MY apology for being publicly harassed, objectified and humiliated?

I still say nothing, because I don’t know what to say, but now I know that DB knew damn well he was being disrespectful that entire time. But he did it anyway.

It’s almost time to go, and we’re posing for photos. DB is unfortunately directly beside me, and he playfully grabs my arm to pull me closer into the photograph. Internally I flinch at his touch, my skin crawling, because I’m enraged. Externally I’m keeping it together.

I don’t want to be the one who ruins everybody’s afternoon with my indignation. I smile for photo after photo, just wanting to flee, but they keep going. When another shot is requested, I joke that I can’t fake-smile for much longer. DB tells me not to worry, that because of my squinty Asian eyes, I look like I’m smiling anyway.

In response, Heidi McDonald of The Beat issued a wake up call to the entire comics industry. Her message: it’s time for men to recognize that there are women among you; women who are living, breathing, sentient beings with dreams of their very own.

Now she’s reporting that longtime comics writer Scott Lobdell has admitted to being the DB who racially and sexually harassed MariNaomi, and that he’s apologized for it:

I am also sorry because if I had realized my failed attempt at humor had offended MariNaomi or her husband in the moment that I made those statements, I would have certainly apologized in then and not have left her to feel victimized in the hours and days that followed.

Head over to The Beat for the full text of the apology.

Scott is sorry about a lot of things, apparently. He’s sorry for making racist, sexist jokes. He’s sorry for humiliating a colleague in front of a room full of fans. And he’s sorry that his “failed attempt at humor” had such a lasting impact on MariNaomi. He’s sorry. But you might remember Lobdell from such controversies as the Starfire costume and personality redesign, his subsequent declaration that fans and fan reaction are more terrible than the comic could possibly have been, and the time he called Ron Marz pompous for tweeting against racism.

He’s sorry, but I’m perplexed. Why did it take an xoJane article going viral for him to realize that racism and sexism are not ok, much less in the workplace? Would his attempt at humour been ok if MariNaomi had laughed it off? “Ho ho, squinty eyes. You got me there, Lobdell. Off to eat some bisexual mangos!” The answer is no, obviously. Not at all. Not ever. Get it together, comics.


9 responses to “Scott Lobdell admits to harassing MariNaomi and apologizes

  1. I have no problem with women and girls in comics. In fact, I’d like to meet many of them and have a decent discussion about our beloved interests, favourite characters/stories etc.

  2. There are a lot of disturbing things about his apology, particularly his choosing to characterize his appalling behavior as a misunderstood attempt at humor, but one of the worst things is his statement that he “would like to formally and publicly apologize for offending a fellow comic book creator.” Would it have been okay to offend someone who was not a comic book creator?

    • Most of the sexual harassment incidents I’ve heard or read about seem to be explained away by the male offender with “I was just joking.” In terms of apologies, it ranks right up there with “I’m sorry you were offended.” Perhaps he really is sorry and is simply not very good at expressing it, but I’m not prepared to accept that explanation from a professional writer.

  3. Just read the examiner’s article on Scott Lobdell being a creep and wrote this to the examiner, but he didn’t publish it SO I AM!

    I, Lana Powers aka Wonder Woman know that Scott Lobdell is a CREEP!

    During Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego I spoke with the microphone in front of an audience of maybe 200-300 fans/staff and the panel in my Wonder Woman outfit while my Batman friend saved my seat. I spoke directly to the panel asking to take my Voice-Over CD, which had my Wonder Woman Humor Saving Superman Voice. Scott Lobdell said he’d take my CD. I gave Scott Lobdell my Voice-Over CD, knowing he couldn’t steal a voice and if he passed it on it meant work, a dream come true (not a nightmare). I was so excited and now I am fed up with this guy and all creeps. The panel said there were rules against taking the CD, but Scott Lobdell openly said he would take my CD and took my CD and I was so happy–for the support?

    Oh did I learn quickly that Scott Lobdell IS A CREEP and why not to do what I did in innocence ever again. Okay! So he wanted my CD 🙂 and I wanted to voice Wonder Woman if not be her … it’s Hollywood! So I approached him with my Batman friend at my side as a couple/pair after the panel discussion ended and I spoke of how I was with my Superman friend at that Comic Con 2012 also and Thanked Him. Then he shortly after Comic Con ends he Scott Lobdell comes up with the Superman Kisses Wonder Woman comic “Con”? So Scott Lobdell never passes on my CD and zaps my dream job, doesn’t keep his word at all, to boost and elivate his career not mine. What a creep Scott Lobdell is. That was my story and he didn’t give in my tape, he took the idea for himself. I am pissed! Scott Lobdell doesn’t deserve all credit and earnings from that comic “strip”. What a creep he is and in 2013 he obviously had other Creep episodes. Check twitter and the www.

    Scott Lobdell IS A CREEP no doubt. He shouldn’t write for young men, he disrespected this Wonder Woman in business and he knows it.

    So in 2014 they are coming up with Wonder Women both in animation and non-animation. hanks Scoot! You Creep! I was before the times and I am the procuring cause for one of your comics. What a creep you are. You’re on the internet apologizing to everyone and they’re young and gullible, like I was. I’m not accepting your apology.

    I am sick because of what you did and how the world went on casting two (2) wonder women in 2013 and I was in silence and hurt and in pain since 2012. If you did nothing it would have been better then you? “creating” the famous relationship and kiss between super heroes which was my story. I deserve rights to that comic strip and you should be booted by my boot, I mean by Marvel and Geekdom.

    Scott Lobdell, My Dear World, is definitely a thief and he is that small … that’s what the “S” on his shirt stands for 🙂 See Scott Lobdell in the Superman t-shirt online for this reference.

    Scott Lobdell lacks integrity and is NO Super-Man, on the contrary he is Small-Man. Happy NEW Year 2014 Scott Lobdell.

    ~ Lana Powers

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