News & Things: Wet Hot Ant-Man Summer


Paul Rudd in Talks for Ant-ManAnt-man_Pym

We may have our Hank Pym! Paul Rudd is in early negotiations for Edgar Wright’s long-gestating Ant-Man film.

Lauren Faust on Super Best Friends Forever

DC Collectibles talks to Faust about her SBFF (“SssBOOFs!”) character designs.

27 Pieces of Denys Cowan Art Missing

Original concept art and comic book pages sent to the Geppi Entertainment Museum have been lost during shipment, and are feared stolen.

Doc Hammer Q & A

Inked talks to the Venture Bros. co-creator about the show, the internet, fans, and tattoos.


The Creeping Disappointment of The Walking Dead

The New Yorker‘s Emily Nussbaum critiques the AMC series: ” Yet, for all its pulpy muscularity, the show is oddly prudish—sexually and morally prim and devoid of true anarchy.”

Life with/out a Signature

Shaenon Garrity on viral webcomics, and the affects of spreading them without credit to the original artist.

Trying to be optimistic about a Sandman movie, but honestly…

…Robot 6’s Corey Blake doesn’t want one.

And Finally…

Check out Adventure Time‘s Candy Kingdom made out of actual candy, by baker IHaveAFluffyCat:



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