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Kickstarter of the Week

Periscope Studio wants to sell you artbooks from a bunch of their creators! The Oregonian comics collective is making its first foray into publishing with a series of artbooks from their… shall we say robust list of creators. The Kickstarter aims to fund printing of an initial run of six, limited edition, full colour artbooks from Ron Randall, Paul Guinan, David Hahn, Natalie Nourigat, Erika Moen, and Benjamin Dewey.

If successful, books will ship in March of 2014. At $16,231 of $25,000 goal, they’re well on their way to being fully funded, but there are only seven days left to support this project. All supporters will get PDF copies of the books, while rewards range from a calendars to collections of the artists’ previous work. Good value for your money, here.


Adventure Time: Pixel Princess Already on Second Printing
Distributors and retailers have so much confidence in Adventure Time: Pixel Princess that its first printing has been snatched up in full. Other AT books are selling like hotcakes, though, so it’s not surprising, but this is good news for BOOM! and the Adventure Time team. They’re already moving to a second printing, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your AT fix.

New Judge Dredd Mini-Series from IDW in 2014
Judge Dredd: Mega-City 2, debuting in 2014, is an all-new Dredd book by Eisner-winning journalist Douglas Wolk, Ulises Farinas (TRANSFORMERS: Heart of Darkness, Catalyst Comix), and Ryan Hill. Here’s the pitch: “In the year 2094, a secret mission puts Dredd behind the wheel of a Lawcruiser in Mega-City Two, the West Coast megalopolis that sprawls around what was once Los Angeles. And he’s about to discover that the rules—and the laws—are very different in a city where image is everything…”

mega-city 2

DC to Launch Weekly Series The New 52: Futures End Next Year
It’s been a few years since all those weekly comics experiments–is this still exciting to the average reader? I can’t gauge it. The new book will launch on Free Comic Book Day with a “zero” issue. Creative talent tapped to keep this weekly comic machine rolling include Jeff Lemire, Keith Giffen, Brian Azzarello, Dan Jurgens, Ethan Van Sciver, Jesus Merino, and Aaron Lopresti. Wow. The New 52: Futures End aims to explore the meaning of heroism in the New 52 timeline through Frankenstein, Firestorm, and future Batman, Terry McGuinness.

Archie to Donate $1 Million-Worth of Comics to Toys For Tots
Archie Comics and Random House are donating comics to Toys For Tots, a nonprofit that distributes new unwrapped toys to children over the holidays. Good on them.


How to Write Descriptive Passages Without Boring the Reader or Yourself
Charlie Jane Anders of io9 breaks it down for you.

Under the Surface of Periscope Studio
Forever Geek takes a look at the day-to-day of Periscope Studio, home to Erika Moen, Ron Randall, Ben Dewey, Colleen Coover, Jonathan Case, Natalie Nourigat, and … so many more exciting creators.

And finally…

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has put out this great infographic. Why have comics been banned? A lot of reasons. Click through for a larger version.

banned comics


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