Top 10: Hair. Ladies. Ladies’ Hair (Marvel)


Soon I will need to trim my hair, and so bouffants are on my mind.

I don’t know about you, but eighty-five percent of my hairspiration comes from comics & comics’ surrounding suburbs. Right now I’m rocking a grown-out Major Kusanagi, f’rex. Two (three?) years ago I did the Rogue Fringe thing.

Anyway there are a lot of fabulous locks in comics and here is a list of some of my favourite from Marvel. It was actually quite hard to think of ten off the top of my head (HAHAHA like HAIR), so this is totes not The Official Facts but here, reader, are ten hairstyles that I definitely think are more than OK. The list suffers from some shortcomings, variety-wise, for which I apologise. None of them are the Lois Cut I always complain about! At least!


10: Valkyrie

I got stuck at five or so and had to GIS “marvel comics hair”. Up came Valkyrie! And I was like, yeah, that’s cool. A “little girl style” successfully translated into adult badass. Fairly practical, and unusual enough to warrant a place on my list despite being a form of the rather commonplace long & blonde.

tumblr_lq4vipUTZ41qhyhwto1_5009: Psylocke


It’s actually very rare that I look at a picture of Psylocke, or Betsy, and think “her hair looks good”. I like the concept, more than the execution. I feel like she doesn’t bleach it before she dyes? It’s a very dark purple, and that makes it hard to register. But I DO like the concept, and I do like this paler Noto version. And I do enjoy Captain Betsy Britain’s red-white-blue wig of majesty, as a special mention.

images-2CrystalFF998: Crystal

How does it even work? Seriously.

7: Polaris/Abigail Brand/Viper

Green hair is nice. I still semi-hope for a reboot of Aphrodite IX on this factor alone. These women have essentially the same hair; it is “long” and “approximately appropriate for a Hot Woman at time of publication” again. But most importantly it is green. And that’s probably pretty nice for them.

tigra6: Tigra

She’s hairy all over! I think. Imagine if you could stroke a cat all day, and the cat was you? Down with depilation. I like those kicky bangs, too.

406px-Surgeshock5: Surge

Basically just the Major [EDIT: see comments for update].

4: Penance 1

Does this count as hair? I don’t mind. It can cut you! That’s neat.

3: Punk Storm

I have also tried this cut, sort of. It doesn’t really work without hairspray or some other product; fairly high maintenance if you don’t have the power of weather manipulation. But doesn’t it look GOOD? Yes.

2381496-punk-storm2: Face it, Tiger

Studying this hairstyle has been very useful to me as a home-hairdresser. Tip: once you’ve trimmed your fringe in a straight line, make several snips straight upwards into the mass of them! Super. When it rains you’ll look this good.

1: Rogue!

Instead of writing a caption here I’m just gonna cry onto the ground about how perfect Rogue’s white-on-brown is. It’s perfect. Observe my tears.

It barely depends on the era, the specific creative team. This hair?

True fact.


2 responses to “Top 10: Hair. Ladies. Ladies’ Hair (Marvel)

  1. 1. I’m sad Viper didn’t have green hair in the Wolverine movie.
    2. Jean Grey circa-The Dark Phoenix Saga is my red hairspiration. John Byrne could draw some hair, yo.

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