Looking for a few good writers!

Are you a regular Women Write About Comics reader who’d like to join in on the fun? A feminist (social) media geek who wants to expand her platform? A recent graduate who wants to flex her social media and writing muscles? Then you might be who we’re looking for.

What can you offer me?

A supportive atmosphere in which to sharpen your writing skills and expand your portfolio, copyediting, digital previews, help contacting interview subjects and getting press badges, and emotional validation (you’re wonderful). No money though. Not yet.

What can I offer you?

Your expertise in a variety of geek and geek-adjacent topics, coverage of your local comics and culture scene, and your fighting spirit. (Feminist-judo-chop!)

  • As WWAC already has quite a few Canadian, American and British writers, we’ll give special attention to applicants from other parts of the world. We see you reading us in India, Brazil, Indonesia, and the Netherlands.
  • We will prioritize writers with unique voices, and interests beyond comics, and especially, beyond American superhero comics. We want your polemics, and your book and game reviews too.
  • We will only consider applicants who identify as women.
News Writer

You’re a newshound with your fingers on the pulse of geek culture.

  • Weekly short news posts about local events, new releases, and notable happenings in the geek community, of 200-500 words.
  • Contribute links to our News & Things roundups.
  • Contribute reblogs to our Tumblr queue and take turns manning our Twitter.
  • Contribute short reviews and recommendations to our Short & Sweet (or Sour) and What’s Hot roundups when the mood strikes.
Features/Staff Writers

You are an experienced writer or blogger with an interest in analyzing media and geek culture.

  • Contribute 1-2 pieces a month of 1500-2000 words. These can be substantive reviews, essays, or interviews.
  • Contribute short reviews and recommendations to our Short & Sweet (or Sour) and What’s Hot roundups when the mood strikes.
How to Apply

We don’t need your resume, or a paean to the glories of WWAC. Just email Megan Purdy with some portfolio links and a short explanation of why you’re interested in the position.


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