News & Things: Bi Pride, we have it!

Welcome back to News & Things! Today it’s all bi everything, in honour of yesterday’s Bi Pride/Bisexuality Visibility Day.


Why are the Fall’s LGBT Movies Going Straight to DVD? discusses an unfortunate trend in queer film distribution.

Bi Political Leaders Blazing a Trail for Others
Ellyn Ruthstrom on five notable out bisexual U.S. politicians.

Book for Kids Raises Eyebrows Over Young Gay Character
Kids book Better Nate Than Ever, featuring a teenager exploring his attraction to boys, received an “extreme caution” rating from a reviewer; faced parental backlash.

Why We Need Bi Pride Day
This Advocate Op-Ed explores biphobia in the straight and gay communities.


Angry Bi Kid Approved Comics: Young AvengersKatey Hawthorne talks about Young Avengers’ David, a newly out bisexual character.

And Things…

Incompletely Articulate has posted a special bonus podcast for Bi Pride day.
This poetry podcast–yep, they read poetry–has put together a special edition of poetry with explicit or implicit queer themes.

Erika Moen of Oh Joy Sextoy made this free comic about how her sexual identity has changed over the years.

Anything That Loves
This anthology of comics about bisexuality was only released in July, so it’s reasonable to assume some of you missed it. It features work from Erika Moen, Ellen Forney, Randall Kirby, Jason Thompson, Kate Leth, Leia Weathington and more.

Bisexuality Comics
Kate Leth made these great (and free!) comics about bisexuality and biphobia.

bi comics


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