WWACRadio podcast: garage band comics with Suzy X!

Teenage girls, garage bands, punk and friendship and COMICS!

A lot of you will already know Rookie – and if you don’t, you should! You need to be able to recommend an even-handed, creatively pro-active + pro-girl digital magazine to the teens and pre-teens in your life. Or to whoever, you know, it’s a great magazine.

For this month’s interview podcast I’m talking to Rookie’s resident cartoonist Suzy X. I’ll steal her twitter bio, because who can introduce her better than this?

Heathen witch. NYC transplant, Loyal Floridian. Blogger/Illustrator at RookieMag and BitchMedia. Team member at POCZineProject. Sings in Shady Hawkins.

Suzy’s the creative force behind the Best Song Ever! – a comic about Kiki, Mona, Nia and Samira and their totally great DIY band, which is published on Rookie. It updates every month and you should check it out!


Shady Hawkins on bandcampSuzy at BitchSuzy’s comics on FlickrSuzy’s blogSuzy on twitter
WWACRadio on twitterWWACRadio on soundcloud

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