WWACRadio podcast: ballet comics

Ballet! The soaring heights! The tearful crash!

Just what is it that makes ballet the perfect concept to build a story around – a story that’s not, really, about ballet?

WWACR emilies turn

This time, after a guess-the-ballet-story montage, I’m talking with Kate Brown and Neill Cameron about their 2012 story Emilie’s Turn. Where did it come from, what made it work, what could come next? This is one of the best comics I read last year – I’m so happy to be able to share it with you!

But listener: before you click and play this episode, click here, for the chance to read Emilie’s Turn online – free and gorgeous. Thanks to Paul, and the Phoenix team!

And now you’re finished, hop on over to the Phoenix’ shop where Issue 47, Emilie’s issue, is currently at 20% off. What luck!

For more ballet comics, try Polina by Bastien Vivès and Swan by Ariyoshi Kyoko. Or leave your recs in a comment.

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