A little navel gazing–our top ten posts

Megan Purdy

While mired in copy editing upcoming posts, I thought it would be fun to check out what you guys have liked in the past. You really, really liked the WiR Carnival (which gives me hope for our upcoming Lois, Clark, & Superman Carnival). Also popular was Carol Appreciation, and the great guest posts we ran as part of it–two of them broke our top ten.

So here they are, the ten most popular posts on Women Write About Comics… so far:

  1. Master Post: Women In Refrigerators 13 Years Later.
  2. Tony Harris vs. Cosplayers, and the Fake Problem of the Fake Geek Girl, by the whole WWAC crew.
  3. Good comics and girls, by Megan Purdy.
  4. Interview with Janelle Asselin, by Elisabeth Pfeiffer.
  5. Interview with Alexa of Ladies Making Comics, by Megan Purdy.
  6. Interview with Melinda Beasi, by Claire Napier.
  7. Interview with Sue of DC Women Kicking Ass, by Megan Purdy.
  8. Carol Appreciation: A Love Letter, a guest post by Damalur.
  9. Interview with Laura Sneddon, by Claire Napier.
  10. Carol Appreciation: Carol and the Stories of Other Women, a guest post by Garrideb.

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