News & Things

No Kickstarter pick this week. But this bit of news got me excited:

‘Watchmen,’ ‘Walking Dead’ and ’30 Days of Night’ Creators Help Launch Black Mask Comics, Borys Kit (Hollywood Reporter): “Part of the slate has an activist and political component, with proceeds going to certain causes. The company wants to bring back activism to the comics field, to create something more meaningful than just having an artist sign a petition. And one of Niles’ gripes of today’s comic industry landscape is that he believes a work like Vendetta would not be published due to fear of being too political.”

Upcoming books include the Occupy Comics Anthology and 12 Reasons to Die by RZA and Ghostface Killah. Dying. I’m dying.



Speaking of Oscard nominated stuff… didn’t see any of the noms? Me neither. (Ok, I saw Zero Dark Tedious, My God, My God, I Want My Life Back, but that’s it). The Roots have you covered.

Editorials and Interviews

And finally, cultural trash graphed:



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