News & Things: Too many rappers, not enough MCs

Megan Purdy

Despite the shortened timeframe, I managed to find more than enough links to spam you with. My bad. Today we’re talking Hello Kitty, Amy Reeder, and Orson Scott NO.

Kickstarter of the Week!

NNN, by Dan Kim, is part comic, part puzzle, all awesome.

f86dedcdd9a59d3f62dd63d554b8aaa6_largeLast year, NNN won an International Manga Awardfrom the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and Japan Cartoonists Association. Now, Dan is looking to do a print run, and bring his work to The Masses. Help him out!

Ok fine, with $24,010 pledged (his original goal was $6,000) the project is fully funded (and how!), but you’ve still got 22 days to get some swag for cash. For $250 you get an “elegant witch’s tea party” with the creator.

How many Kickstarters offer you magical high tea as a reward, huh?

Your Read of the Week

Everything in Amy Reeder’s Tumblr, but especially this post, in which you can see how she scripts comics, when she’s doing both the writing and art. Amy talks a lot about process, which is fantastic for non-artists like me, who are fascinated by the creation of art.

Cool Things


  • Hello Kitty CoverMarvel wins again in January as Spider-Man and Fables top the charts, The Beat.
  • Graphic novel sales jump 38% over January 2012, Brigid Alverson (Robot 6).
  • Viz Media to release original Hello Kitty comics, Kevin Melrose (Robot 6): “The single-volume comic will feature a cover by Eisner-nominated artist Jacob Chabot, with interior art by Victoria Maderna, Ian McGinty and Chabot. That will be followed in the fall by the release of Here We Go!, a collection of stories about Hello Kitty’s world travels and the first volume in the main graphic novel series.”
  • Macmillan, sole e-book publishing holdout, settles with Justice, Cyrus Farivar (Ars Technica): “As a result of today’s settlement, Macmillan has agreed to immediately allow retailers to lower the prices consumers pay for Macmillan’s e-books,” said Jamillia Ferris, chief of staff and counsel at the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division, in a statement. “Just as consumers are already paying lower prices for the e-book versions of many of Hachette’s, HarperCollins’ and Simon & Schuster’s new releases and bestsellers, we expect the prices of many of Macmillan’s e-books will also decline.”

Orson Scott NO


Interviews and Editorials

And finally, a pie chart:

pie chart


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