News & Things: (not) the science of Jane Austen

Awesome Kickstarter(s) of the Week!

So this week I have two awesome Kickstarters to share with you.

Go Get A Roomie bills itself as a comic about love, girls and beer. The art is adorable. GGaR was a webcomic first, and now they’re putting out hardcopies. At this point the project is fully funded, but there are still 8 days to get all those coveted Kickstarter extras.

Ultrasylvania vol 2: Emporer Frankenstein is an interesting project. It’s set in an alternate 19th century, where both Dracula and Frankenstein rule European kingdoms. The art is clean and professional, and the concept is delicious. What makes this Kickstarter interesting is that they’ve brought art students on board, who all get a great bullet point on their resume. Help get young artists published!


Interviews and Editorials

The Art of Science

Alien Crossing, by Listfield.

Alien Crossing, by Scott Listfield.



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