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Megan Purdy

Welcome to WWAC’s inaugural linkspam. Once a week, we’ll be rounding up a handful of cool and/or interesting conversations and projects for you to check out.

  • world's finest #7There are ten days left in this kickass graphic journalism Kickstarter on Human Trafficking in Nepal, by Dan Archer. Link, donate, mark your calendar.
  • The Mary-Sue has an exclusive preview of World’s Finest #7. That’s right, the ‘Guide to Girl Geek Culture’ is finally getting the exclusives it deserves.
  • Lounak Distribution is a new self-pub distribution effort that lets you buy indie comics, straight from the source. Buy books, or direct your local comics retailer to buy all the books.
  • Lady gamers on Twitter are still talking about #reasont0be a part of the industry, despite all the flack they endure. And it is awesome.

Want to see hear about more Kickstarters? More gaming news? Crafts? Let us know, because we live to share.


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