Are you writing about comics? How’s that going?

The Carnival approaches!

Is your contribution ready? Have you… even started it? Never fear procrastinators, you still have a week!

Some reminders:

  • You can post your essay/vid/comic/interpretive dance at any time during the week of January 22-28.
  • If you don’t have your own internet space and want us to post your contribution directly to the blog, please try to get it to us by the 17th(ish).
  • Send us a link. Send us a link. Send us a link! We’ll be combing the internet to make sure that all your posts are included in our roundups, but sending us a link is the gold standard here.
  • Don’t forget to include a header on your post, indicated that you’re participating in the carnival. This will ensure we link to the right post, (and help to promote the carnival and your fellow lady bloggers).

One week, ladies, one week!


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